Why This Movie


"Am I a Hero?" is a thought-provoking film that explores themes of peace and humanity, encouraging the audience to confront the harsh realities of today's world. This artwork poignantly illustrates how, in times of war, innocent families and children become victims without reason. It is deeply troubling to witness the widespread hostility and the pleasure derived from others' suffering, irrespective of their nationality, religion, or caste. Can we create a film that teaches the next generation about love and compassion, fostering a brighter future where humanity thrives? Our primary audience includes individuals aged 16 and above from various countries. As a silent movie, it transcends language barriers and is easily understood by all. The film is set to be distributed in Western and Arab regions, as well as in Far East and African countries. We anticipate that our movie will reach millions of families, both domestically and internationally. It will be available across multiple platforms, including theaters, streaming services, and educational channels.

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