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"Photography is Truth. The Cinema is Truth Twenty-four Times Per Second."

The laughter of a child has truth in it. It contains a mysterious force that compels you to connect with it. At Arab Bollywood, we take that spark of magnetism and produce it into a big finish. We combine content production with creative capabilities and talent curation, to be beyond mere producers. We deliver truth 24 frames per second. We began our journey as New Face of India(NFOI), a name that forever catches the attention. The moniker was birthed from our holy grail to educate the young and poor of the nation. A better India. We hope to bring a minute but lasting change into the world. Thus, we launched the commercial arm of our venture, Arab Bollywood...


About Us

The seeds of Arab Bollywood's script were sown seven years ago when we began to aspire to create songs and films that would educate the youth. For the past seven years, we haven't just grown in size, but in stature as well. While New Face of India is meant to educate the audience, Arab Bollywood is for the mainstream media. The firmament of Arab Bollywood's universe is our expertise, the key light. With Arab Bollywood, we will create cinematic history to once again pave the path for New Face of India.


We cross Cinematic Borders. With a giant network in two continents, we are able to meet the requirement. We understand that both Indian and Arab markets have their unique requirements. We grant you the flexibility and proficiency to work flawlessly in each. An incredible concept is not enough. It is good and diverse talent that bring a story to life. With our foot hold in both India and Arab nations, we represent a perfect blend of creativity and business with our multi-lingual team and in-depth understanding of multiple countries.


film maker


Visualize beyond the present

"I was always a filmmaker before I was anything else. If I was always anything, I was a storyteller, and it never really made much of a difference to me what medium I worked in."

Talent and passion are eternally seeped in our souls, just awaiting the appropriate time to wake up. For Mohammed S. Khatib, storytelling and filmmaking, his gift and his passion, awoke after he had given years to banking and business. Before Mohammed S. Khatib discovered a knack for creativity, he was a computer prodigy, a Banker and veteran businessman in the Middle East. He cultivated the discovery into a thriving profession of storytelling and filmmaking. Born and brought up in the Arab world, Mr. Khatib was soaked in its culture giving him a unique gift at script writing and direction.

His love for the ethnicity of India blended with his mastery of storytelling, script writing, direction, photography and production, making him the perfect guiding head for us. Mr. Khatib provides a unique and rare blend of international experience with a genuine love of Indian ethnicity. His mantra "visualizing beyond the present" and his exuberance for short films and songs have gathered him an immense experience. Mr. Khatib strives to weave stories that provoke genuine human reactions.