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Sponsor With Us

When it comes to media advertising in our movies, with our professional team in India and Arab world, we can advertise different products to enormous consumer base as a part of any movie script.

The benefit in working with us as is our two level connections. When we do a product advertisement for our sponsors in our movie we target both regions - Arab and Indian. It is effortless for us to advertise our partners' product in Arabic and Hindi language as we are competent at both. Our client gets the advantage of gaining business in both the regions when they compensate only for one.

It is as clear-cut as that. To explore you must sail the ship or else fear stagnation. We explore the world of media production for you. From an outlandish idea to a clich├ęd one, from a small budget to gigantic one; we create when inspired. We are ready to take on projects we have experience on and make them into better versions. We welcome unexplored ideas to be the first in the field.

When given an opportunity, we will deliver excellence and never quit towards working our goal. With each step we create value for the audience and our stakeholders. We have collaborated with reputed talents and companies across the two nations. We have a repertoire of talent who surpass in their assorted approaches to storytelling, visual styles or simple productions. With an experienced, skilful and committed team we deliver work that always reaps benefits.

The end goal is to create something of value for you and us. We are aware of the different needs of Arab and Indian market, thus we offer solutions custom-made for each. We are flexible enough to suit any and all of your requirements.