Where words fail, music conquers

Indian & Arabic music, having a rich musical heritage and the melody, rhythm, poetry, composition and orchestra formation makes it stand at its highest pedestal. As our artistes belong to a varied collection of nations and regions, our music is fusion of all of them. We have the advantage of having at our fingertips musicians with a vast repertoire.

Our lyrics are always penned in house, to seep our very thoughts and emotions into them. It is only after we have composed the songs to our hearts content that we give them to professionals for the last finishing touches. We are now creating a new melody in the music world with a blend of Arab rhythm and India raga, a joint venture in the field of music for the very first time. The mix of Arab and Indian music is for our upcoming movie.Here are a few of our creations that are a true amalgam of Arab and Bollywood music. The melody and rhythm expresses more about us that we can put into words.