Why Us

While technology and equipment has made film making easy, they are just tools at the end of the day. To put them to phenomenal use individuals with aptitude are needed.

With our foot hold in both India and Arab nations, we represent a perfect blend of creativity and business. Our multi-lingual team and in-depth understanding of multiple countries assure that our creations are a cut above. With our knowledge of the Middle East, the name Arab Bollywood becomes tantamount to experts in that world. We provide you an "in" that no other production house is capable of replicating. We work repetitively to create the very best. We remove the cacophony of useless noise, assess your exact needs, and provide support throughout the entire process of production.

By cultivating bonds with leading talent, production companies, exhibitors and other key participants in the industry in two worlds – India and Arab nations, we have emerged as a leading global firm. Our team has expanded to cover all stages of the film production process from basic casting to technical concepts. Every member of the team adheres to the highest calibre of discipline for every project. There is no paucity of talent, but people who enjoy every project they are part of are a rare find. With time we have built a reputation as a clean, honest company.