Production Services

All our production services are available in house. We also offer them to other production houses based throughout the two regions: India and Arab. We also comprehend that at times our partners like to work with their own set of people. If our partners so wish, we also accommodate them by subcontracting to other production firms.

Churning creativity into reality is a gruelling task and not everyone has the tools to bring about the metamorphosis. We offer every solution to them. Using the latest technology and the best of people we provide full production support within the needs of the client. We ensure that technology does not overpower creativity because at the end of the day it is the people behind the equipment that are the driving force.

Pre Production

If the foundation is feeble, the peak will always topple. To create a profound project you need powerful beginning. We offer a potent head start to production by offering services. Right from scripting to casting to location scouting we have a gamut of services. From budgeting to rehearsals to production schedules we can do it all.


Irrespective of the place and people, our focus ever remains on the project. With a multilingual crew, state of art technology and world class team, we are capable of providing numerous production services. Studio spaces, lighting, production design, production crew and equipment are some of the facilities we offer. Our cinematic techniques are one of the best available.

Post Production

Because of our connections to the finest talent available in two regions, India and Arab, we excel at providing post production services. We make use of current industry-standard gear and experts. Our post services include editing, re-recording, sound engineering and special effects. With multilingual people on our rooster, language translation is one of our specialities.


Filmmakers need a strong foundation of the efficient workings of film distribution. Successful filmmakers that successfully recover their budget and recompense their investors are the true distribution strategists, who assess and take of the filmmaking process before they begin the script. Our distribution services include film distributor list, film release advertisements and road shows.